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You can discover the world of wine at Crittenden.

Our home grown varieties of pinot noir, chardonnay and savagnin are showcased in The Zumma, Cri de Coeur and Kangerong wines. You can also explore the Mornington Peninsula in our Peninsula wines or get a taste for Victoria's best regions and vineyards in our Pinocchio, Geppetto, OGGI and Los Hermanos wines, which feature some of our favourite varieties from around the world.

Across all our wines, you will find new favourites and old friends.


Proudly our foundation wines and premium range, these French varieties highlight the Mornington Peninsula’s claim as a leading Chardonnay and Pinot Noir growing region. Cri de Coeur, The Zumma and Kangerong make up the ranges grown from our sustainably farmed vineyard here at Dromana, whilst Peninsula is made using Mornington Peninsula grown fruit from various vineyards across the region.


This range of classic French varieties is unashamedly designed for youthful drinking and is part of the family’s quest to produce premium but affordable wines from grapes grown in several cool climate regions of Victoria.


The name for our classic, multi-regional Italian style range of wines stems from the old Italian folk story by Carlo Collodi. The Crittenden’s passion for Italian varieties has also seen winemaker Rollo work and travel extensively through the north of Italy, while Garry (Rollo’s father and company founder), has written a book on climatic comparisons between Italy and Australia. 2023 saw a redesign of the Pinocchio label, closely tying the new artwork and rebrand with the traditional Pinocchio story. 


The fruit for our classic Spanish styles is sourced from premium Victorian cool climate regions. Los Hermanos means ‘the siblings’ and what more appropriate way to celebrate Rollo and Zoe’s influence in the family business. We realise it’s a bit indulgent, but we have always loved Spain, especially its food and wine.


Rollo and the winemaking team love to experiment. Our OGGI collection (from the Italian word ‘today’) is an opportunity to showcase these trials and offer them to the public. The variety, winemaking technique and style of wine presented under the OGGI label differs from year to year. To celebrate this variation each label in a case of 12 bottles is slightly different.


Garry Crittenden - Founder and father of Crittenden wines (along with father to Zoe and Rollo) - has now retired. It’s important to Garry that he remain involved in various aspects of the business, one of which is the winemaking. As such Garry oversees the production of one wine each year, a Pinot Noir from grapes grown on the property that he specially selects. It’s not just the fruit and winemaking that’s important to Garry, however, it’s also the label and the back story, of which there always is one. This is where Garry indulges his creative flair and as such, his wine has amassed quite a following. Garry’s Pinot Noir is generally released towards the end of the year and its fans wait with anticipation for the unveiling. From time to time Garry will also be involved in other non-Pinot Noir projects such as Catto. 


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“Beautiful spot for wine tasting - and lovely wines. We had an excellent time with Ben who taught us a lot about their wines and made the experience fun. Great value getting the premium wine tasting selection.”

ANISHA, May 2022

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